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submissions are open for vol 3
9.14.23 - 10.14.23

I am asking you, my community, to submit a piece of art, writing, and/or expression that is related to grief. 

Your grief expression can be about the loss of a beloved, life before COVID-19, climate change, violence, someone you used to be, the loss of a pet, perinatal loss (miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth), the loss of a parent, a home lost, a life change, loss of a relationship, a diagnosis... etc.

This is a voice to grief. What is it like to grieve? What does your body feel like in grief? Who has helped you in your grief? What/Who are you actively grieving? What has grief taught you? Play into the magic of creative expression!


One page on a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch piece of paper

(AKA a piece of printer paper folded into quarters)

Handmade preferred, digital okay!

(yes, multiple submissions okay too!)

Ideas and prompts for submissions:

  • personal insights about grief/grieving/death 

  • artwork

    • collage​

    • paint

    • flower pressings

    • pastel

    • crayon drawings

  • magic

  • photographs

  • activity ideas when grieving

  • poetry

  • easy foods to eat when grieving 

  • quotes

  • resources

  • ways to commemorate those who have died

  • your personal rituals with grief

  • support plans

  • a memory page for someone who has died

  • favorite places to visit when grieving

  • a letter to your loved one

This project is open to anyone and everyone (including kiddos!) <3 

I will be physically compiling this zine and then scanning it into PDF format. By contributing your work, you are agreeing to this being shared with the public. Of course, I will credit you for this work - Unless you'd like to submit it as an anonymous contributor. Any proceeds from any sale of this zine is going to be put towards printing costs. Anything left over will be put aside for future prints and/or donated to reimagine ( This zine is not a for-profit project. As a contributor, you will get a free digital copy of the zine. 

Would you like to submit to this zine? Fill out this form and I will contact you with more details <3 

Thanks for submitting!

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