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when are submissions open?

9/25/22 - 10/25/22 

Missed the window? Reach out to me and/or look out for the submission window for 2023! 

what is the prompt?

Please see the "guideline" link above. In the future, I hope to create themes for each volume... but for now this can be any expression of grief that feels resonant to you. A recipe a loved one used to use? A collage of what it feels like to grieve? A poem about the loss of a pet? A list of your go-to comforts when grieving? Please feel open to share whatever feels right. If you'd like more direction, please reach out to me. 

can I submit anonymously?

Yes! Absolutely. Please let me know if you would like it to be anonymous or what preferred name you would like me to put your submission under. 

how do I send you my submission?

Go to the submissions tab and send me a message using the contact box. :) 

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